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Airdate: August 4, 2014 Arrival Order: Clare, Marcus, Sarah, Marquel, Daniella, Graham, Lacy, Ben, Michelle K., Robert, Dylan, Elise and Ash Lee.

Chris Harrison asked everyone if they were single and Michelle K. Throughout the first day, Lacy went into the ocean with Robert and Marcus in an 8-hour span.

Michelle and Cody were still in a relationship at the time.

Clare was still in Sacramento searching for her soulmate.

They got a card from Chris Harrison with two room keys. Jesse: Jesse shows up with a date card and he invites Jackie to go out with him. Word got back to Clare and she confronted Ash Lee about it. Then Lacy became ill and departed in an ambulance, accompanied by Marcus. She confronted Robert about this and he just apologized and left with no explanation.

Graham wanted to use both rooms, but Ashlee wanted to share a room. Michelle informed Graham about the situation right before the Rose Ceremony began. The two remaining couples were joined by three couples (Jason/Molly Mesnick, Sean/Catherine Lowe and Desiree Hartsock/Chris Seigfried) who had found love on the show in the past.

Sarah and the others expressed their concern to Elise about being careful with Chris and not getting too serious too fast. Many of the women thought that was a very nice gesture. He asked a few other girls, but none of the women would go out with him (recalling how badly he had upset Emily Maynard in The Bachelorette (season 8). Ash Lee continued to stand in the Rose Ceremony room and did not follow Graham. Airdate: August 26, 2014 Christy: Christy shows up with a date card and asks Zack to go with her, but he turns her down. Jesse didn't seem concerned by this, saying later that he had fun and he knew there would be lots of emails and party invitations waiting for him when he got home. Lacy and Marcus and Michelle and Cody came back convinced that they should remain as couples.

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During the date Dylan tells Elise to talk to other men in paradise.

Before the Rose Ceremony, Marcus and Marquel confronted Ben upon finding a love letter in his backpack from a girl back home.

Ben admitted to being in love with her, upsetting everyone especially Michelle, and decided to go home.

Clare and Robert went to the ruins; while climbing the ruins, Robert got attacked by fire ants.

Sarah's date: Sarah took Marcus on a date and went cliff diving.

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