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Teuk So, The Dimples Couple (Leeteuk & Kang Sora) SARANGHAEYO TEUK~SO! They are definitely made for each other and fate brought them together. This is the first time I cry badly because of the separation... I love them n hope the time they went to tarot is gonna come true after leeteuk is back from army... - angeeeeel Joon Mi, 4D Couple (Jung Joon Young & Jung Yoo Mi) This couple is officially my favorite couple on WGM.

You can also tell that the couple would still be together after the show has ended as he gave her a kiss ON THE LIPS! This couple really felt so real like they had true feelings for each other. Anyway, they are most probably having a secret relationship right now I really love and miss this couple so much... If you get bored on seeing a lovey dovey couple, I recommend you to watch them. they're just so natural, a romantic scene is such a rare thing to find if you watch this couple. Even though they love to bickering, it just to show how they not pretend to be someone else. In real life they portray a couple who already married for more than 10 years.

Unlike some other couples who just progress into a stage out of sudden that seems like they are doing things and faking a front for the show. He's handsome and manly, she's beautiful with great personality. funny handsome guy and also bit of a pervert who always try to make skinship with his wife and always try to make his wife laugh by his cheesy comment and excessive jokes because the thing he likes the most from his wife is her laugh.

I can see them falling for each other more and more.. And kim so eun the cute wife, an easygoing and tough ..You can feel their love towards each other, though this is just a virtual marriage but for them as an artist showing/expressing their feelings are so natural.

Although sometimes I feel that Jjong Ah couple is more like "dating" couple than "married" couple but I also think that is their charm~^^ I love you Jo Kwon & Gain, The Adam Couple Love how natural they are, I think they are meant to be together.

Everything about them are full of coincidence, the fact that they both are each other type of person they like, fact that Jokwon really like B. G and their song 'Abracadabra' before they're married, the fact that they're already close before the show, it's just feeling like fate. The one who have suffering when they married, but give me a big laugh, so enjoyable time. They fight like tom and jerry, but they still love each other.

If their virtual marriage comes to an end and back to their personal life, I hope Jae Rim will find time to court/date So Eun for real despite of their busy schedule, as the saying says "If there a will, There's a way" Congratulations on their virtual marriage life! Somehow this couple make me believe WGM is not scripted. The only thing that make me realise this is a reality "show" is the stark editing. You can feel their happiness, I think if it weren't because of their idol status, they would've really dated. Really feel like reality when two human being can't help fall in love to each other and hold back for something.They are 'playing house' real well and I'm glad they are enjoying their virtual marriage... For one of the audience who watched them, every episode I have to take a deep breath and told myself don't forget that all the show before watch every new episode air but can't help fall for them. Just simply we all are human being who had felt for love at least once in our life time and can feel other person love. sorry for my English This couple makes you relive your first love with all that warm, fuzzy feeling and heart racing emotions that comes with it. However, they actually have a lot of things in common and are able to balance each other.Really wishing this virtual I got married carries on the realistic portrayal of real courting, real dating and real married couple scenarios... And Whenever I watch them my memory and feeling call back to the past when I was fall in love. I love WGM couple who actually communicates outside of the show because it shows that at least some emotions that they show viewers is real, this couple certainly does.And the people around them just don't seem to matter.I got lost in their loving stare and they are definitely number one for me and no other. Since I love Leeteuk Oppa so much and I always hope, He can get the one who love, care and like him so much too. Chemistry, compatibility, and visuals, although undeniably present in these two, are not the reasons why I picked them as the best.

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