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Marital satisfaction declined in both groups, but more suddenly among those who had children.There was a significant decrease in marital satisfaction for both men and women after the birth of a child.Yes, women DO go for looks, but it’s usually not a huge factor.As you will later realize in the book, Creating Sexual Tension with Your Partner, a beautiful woman can be insanely attracted to you because of how you make her FEEL.The right side of our brain is where logic and reasoning take place.Women, on the other hand, usually have a larger limbic system which makes them more in touch and expressive with their emotions.

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Mothers with daughters had greater decreases in marital satisfaction compared to mothers who had boys.

“Certainly one of the difficulties that couples face after birth is that their together time without the baby is dramatically reduced.

So there is less opportunity to enjoy the things they enjoy about their partner.” Stanley says women “showed more immediate, good-sized changes in their report of poor conflict management” than men.

And I’ve heard plenty of people say things like, “It’s easy, she’s just using him for his money.” In some instances YES, some gold-digging bimbo is laying one over on that dude and the poor guy has NO IDEA or he simply doesn’t care.

BUT, in other instances, she’s not using him at all.

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