Tree ring dating techniques

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Corina is written in Java and so can be run on most operating systems include Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Franco Biondi and his colleagues at the University of Nevada, Reno Tree-Ring Laboratory.This software is the first that allows correlation and response function analyses of the climate/tree growth relationship using both evolutionary and moving intervals.dendromete R is available for download from the Comprehensive R Archive Network website (CRAN), and is provided with extensive help pages.To install dendromete R from the R console, type 'install.packages("dendromete R")'.(In Windows XP, note that the Absoft software must be installed in its own folder on the root hard drive while ARSTAN itself will install under Program Files.) The graphics are nothing short of superb and are almost overwhelming.One can easily capture the graphic from the Windows screen and easily paste it into any Windows program, such as Power Point of Word. Bernhard Knibbe (SCIEM) has created and is providing for free download a graphical interface for the popular quality-control computer program COFECHA.All functions are customizable and designed with entry-level users of R in mind.

To make downloading an easier process, I provide links directly to the individual zipped files. When you click on one of the links below, a window should open in your browser, asking whether you wish to run the file or save it to your hard disk.

The programs are too numerous to list individually here but connect to this web site and you'll see programs that are also able to extract and retrieve gridded climate data at various resolutions.

You'll also find very useful programs not normally found in other dendro programs, such as routines to seasonalize climate data, conduct principle components regression, even plot and edit tree-ring data!

Simply fill in the settings as you would from the COFECHA Main Menu, run the program, and the output will open in a Windows text editor, such as Notepad or Wordpad.

You will need teh latest version of COFECHA, however (6.06 or later, downloadable from above).

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