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And while Apple has a relatively smaller share of the smartphone market, it has kept most of the gains in this sector for the past 7 years.

Trends in technology indicate that these four giants will reach even more immeasurable levels of wealth.

fell 17% this month, and it became clear that the myth of the emerging and warrior company that dislodges the pedestal to the technology giant was just that … Of course Snap, the company behind Snapchat, still impresses.

In just five years it reached an audience of 173 million users, mostly young, who communicate in innovative and fun ways.

The argument was that like Bebo, My Space and Friends Reunited, Facebook could also become obsolete if users opted for new platforms.

But the truth is that the social network war ended. Some smaller players in the industry like Linked In, Twitter and yes, also Snapchat, will have significant audiences in the future but will battle to make money.

For now, however, despite the politician’s uneasiness about fake news and extremist content on Facebook, the company has hardly been touched.

That is why the European Union (EU) took decisions against Microsoft and Google, when these companies have not had similar problems in the United States.

EU regulators insist that all their actions are based on the law and not on political grounds.

So far, the monopoly control agencies in the United States have not gotten too involved.

They tend to be more concerned if consumers pay too much for lack of competition.

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