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the video was leaked without her permission, and she's considering legal action too.Sounds like there's no chance the rest of this video sees the light of day. He also said a user can change the personality settings and create a separate profile and avatar, without having to buy an entirely new robot.CES 2018: 5 COOLEST THINGS WE'VE SEEN SO FAR In order to swap faces, a person has to actually peel the skin off the robotic head, which reveals the outer layer of the robot, with its enormous bulging eyes, mouth and an exposed cranium.Fetty Wap isn't about to let anyone, especially his ex-gf, make a dime off leaking a sex tape allegedly featuring him and said ex, Alexis Skyy ... Video clips appearing to show Fetty and Alexis doing the deed started floating around the Internet Tuesday morning.Fetty's camp tells us he has NOTHING to do with the leak, and he's already got his legal team on the job.

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Creator Matt Mc Mullen has taken Harmony one step further, giving the robot another face, dubbed Solana.

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With death now imminent, we can only sit by helplessly to see how his fate plays out.

A toy store in Asheville, NC proved that you don’t need to be in Pyeongchang to join in on the Winter Olympics action when they went curling with a BB-8 droid.

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