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Over the years, Mc Donald’s lovers have been sent into a frenzy by secret menu items, which include a Monster Mac and a Neapolitan Shake.An internet user, who claimed to have worked at a Mc Donald’s in London for over a year, had another tip.

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Fast Evolving Groups Plenty of opportunities exist for hybrid species to emerge, especially among diverse and fast-evolving groups of animals, Mallet said.The act of mating with a species other than your own may not be as ill advised or peculiar as it seems.Recent research indicates that hybridization is not only widespread in nature but it might also spawn many more new species than previously thought.Mallet said that advances in technologies for decoding genes are only now giving scientists the opportunity to make such discoveries.Hybrid-formed species are usually extremely difficult to detect because of their close physical resemblance to their parent species, he said.

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