Is austin mahone dating payton raf simons dating

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"I look up at the blond kid across from me and raise an eyebrow."Obviously I didn't! "Yeah he did.""He does know that I'm with Niall right?

My eyes widen and I feel my face heat up."YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!

"I remember watching it all the time."Cody nods his head and lies back on the couch he's on, eyes never leaving the screen."Could you blink every once in a while so that I know you're still alive? Cody turns to me and sticks his tongue out in my direction before he goes back to giving all his attention back to the show.

I roll my eyes and grab my phone from its spot on the floor."Oh yeah, did you hear about what Austin Mahone said about you?

I slide my phone and a Sharpie into one of my pockets, saying 'good morning' to Ryan and Cody before I step out of the bus."THERE SHE IS!

" one of the girls yells and everyone screams while I laugh and cover my ears.

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