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The pressure is high; Laporte's live audience is so large he can crash web servers merely by giving out a URL during the course of a show.

In the end, Laporte is a lot like his listeners: Constantly trying to educate himself about tech, and yet constantly using so much of it, so often, that he inevitably makes dumb mistakes.

The first survey was pulled after parents said it was too graphic. Researchers say 8 in 10 parents say their teens have phones…

Or maybe this is all some sort of prank; Laporte does have a blogged that he "apologized abjectly and abundantly" to Kentzell for deciding to leave the chat in the video podcast he distributed after the live recording.

He added that the relationship "may have come as a bit of a shock to our staff" but that his family was aware of it.]At the moment, it appears Laporte made a simple technological mistake that turned out to have much larger ramifications than its blink-of-an-eye duration would suggest.

And Laporte's Google Plus profile says he's "In a relationship" rather than married, even though the latter is a listed option.

Kentzel's Facebook profile likewise lists her as "in a relationship."A phone call to Kentzell and multiple emails to both Kentzell and Laporte over several hours Thursday were not returned.

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