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you also have a feast day in the general Roman calendar, the approval of the local bishop, and of every pope afterwards, you have the canonization of the visionaries and the basilica that was built, so all the hallmarks of a Marian apparition are there,” he said.O’Neill records the details of Fatima, other Marian apparitions and all things miraculous on his site, The apparitions took place in this city over 100 miles from Buenos Aires from Oct. Gladys also received 68 visits and messages from Jesus.

O’Neill said that apparitions or bi-locations of saints simply “adds to the story of the saint, their reputation of holiness, and the devotion that arises around a saint,” O’Neill said.

I’m the ‘miracle hunter’ so it sounds funny for me to say this, but if that’s the entirety of your faith, you’re in trouble.

But it’s a great entry point and it’s a point of excitement for people to engage with their faith and turn towards Christ, when they see these great occasions when God has blessed the world.

Along with Ralph Martin, Anne Shields and Fr Michael Scanlan, TOR the foursome toured the US and Europe creating share groups based on the FIRE (faith, intercession, repentenance and evangelism) format.

He was ordained in the Diocese of Albany (New York) under Bishop Howard J Hubble.

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