Entourage exchange calendar not updating

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The first step we took when this request was brought to us was to simply assign the other employees as delegates for User 1's calendar.

As already stated, this resulted in a fail because ALL events from ALL calendars and ALL categories showed up.

After experimenting with my i Phone, Outlook 2007, and Entourage, I think I’ve figured out how to work with these new mult-colored calendars. Exchange 2007 (and perhaps 2003) allows users to have multiple distinct calendars, and Outlook, Entourage, and the i Phone (but not Windows Mobile) allow you to view them.

But it is extremely hard to actually multiple calendars, and the benefits are debatable. Here are the different ways of organizing your calendar, and what the i Phone does with them.

Hit the plus sign to search for names and add delegates.

After locating another user, adjust their permissions to be "Calendar: Editor".

Now, if you go to the calendar and view the permissions, everyone will be listed there as an Editor.

Of course, when people you share with use other calendar apps it can be difficult.

Even more so when trying to share a calendar using an Exchange Server and Outlook 2011 (Microsoft Office for Mac 2011).

All other items (tasks, inbox, contacts, notes) can be left as "None".

THIS allowed the other staff to open the calendar (in Calendar view, Open Calendar) of this user AND gave them full editorial rights.

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