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I ordered him to leave and grabbed a wine glass threatening to smash it over his head if he didn't go.After two warnings he still took no notice so I grabbed him with all my strength and forced him out of the door.They always told me that manners cost nothing.” He is a ladies-and-children-first kind of gentleman, gently leading me through the corridors of the Palladium in London, where he has made more than 1,200 solo performances, which is something of a record. ” Des has had four wives – his current one, Jodie Brooke Wilson, is 37 years his junior – and he has five children.

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“There were about 50 children outside the studio, and he stopped and said hello to every single one of them.While the 76-year-old Des O'Connor prepares for a quieter life after he finishes work on Countdown, his ex-wife Gillian has been hailed as a "have a go" heroine by her local constabulary after taking on a burglar."He'd been through all my rooms and was throwing things into a big bag.Lord Tebbit has been left decidedly underwhelmed by the announcement that Roy Marsden – best known as Commander Adam Dalgliesh in the television adaptations of the P D James novels – will play him in Margaret, a new BBC film about the fall of Baroness Thatcher. Who, in an ideal world, would he like to have play him?"Someone who exudes charm, has brains and good looks and an athletic body," he said, modestly.

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