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The amazing doctors and researchers working to find a cure for this horrible disease.

And most importantly, all of the superheroes fighting this disease and showcasing ultimate strength in front of their family so they don’t worry for them. Lets all show them the support they deserve and require.

Furthermore, I am pledging for every lb that I didn’t lose to my target weight, I will donate 0 instead of 0.

My failures should not penalize the amazing people at St. This whole journey was not easy nor was it consistent.

My goal was to show that if I could find the time to do it, anybody could.

If I set my mind to something, I will not stop until I achieve that goal.

My goal is to get in top shape for this triathlon and lose 80 lbs by ficult goal, but it is fully doable.

For every lb I lose, Aurum will donate 0 to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

However, when my son came into this world I had a new ultimate responsibility, and that was being the best father and husband I could be.Countless messages of people telling me that I motivated them to lose those extra pounds and taking their health to a new level.It dawned on me that my ultimate goal was still accomplished. I wanted to inspire others to go after their goal; be it health or otherwise.Your self discipline is not always strong enough to resist that chocolate bar.However, what makes you successful is that you get back on your path right after it and not have the mindset of “I already had a cheat meal, therefore this entire day is a write-off.” Many people have the motivation to want to do great things.

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