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The rule of thumb I’ve started to use is that if I like them a decent amount, and I feel like things are going well with them I will mention that I’m seeing more than one person by the third date.

I tend to feel guilty dating more than one person if I sort of care about one of them, so if I feel guilty I’ll speak up and just keep everything out in the open.

You want to be with someone who you can be yourself with, not someone you feel like you need to walk on eggshells with. If it’s been over a month and you’re not all that invested in any one person, it’s very possible that there is no future with any of them.

However, I do have one rule: Don’t text twice in a row in the same day. What Age Is It Appropriate To Date More Than One Person?

Is There A Line That Shouldn’t Be Crossed While Dating Multiple People? I think that if you’re dating more than one person you shouldn’t be having sex with any of them. I know some people who feel that this is totally fine, that’s just not my opinion.

I also think you shouldn’t do any action that you feel guilty about, in many ways you need to come up with your own lines and decide what’s too far.

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It’s known that everyone dates multiple people, but why bring it up?Also if you assume that they are, it can be a lot less emotionally tolling than if you assume that they are not, but they are.How Often Should You Text/Contact Someone You’re Not Seeing Exclusively? It’s always best to be yourself and not try to follow too many rules. This is mostly a matter of opinion- But I feel like after a month you would know if you want to be seeing that person exclusively.I think it’s common that in the beginning stages of a potential relationship, we’re still dating other people.I think it’s reasonable to expect that through the course of a courtship, one person shines through and the rest slough off as a strong, monogamous relationship is formed.

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