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And I can’t possibly emphasize enough how important your donations are for me, for other activists, for sex worker organizations like SWOP, SWOP Behind Bars and ESPLERP, and even for individual sex workers you might choose to book an appointment with today (if you like, you can even tell ’em I inspired you to contact them).Please give generously, speak out, and otherwise use this occasion to let sex workers know that you’re on our side against the millions of thugs and fanatics lined up against us.…I put it to you that the “prostitutes” in these photos are no more representative of the sex work population than the “hackers” in the earlier images are of our own community……The click bait power of slavery and human trafficking, often encouraged by sensationalist headlines such as “victims branded like cattle”, operates to obscure real problems. People entering the UK illegally, for example, are characterised as one of two types: either they are seen as undesirable migrants, or else as victims of slavery.Our use of such labels – “slave”, “trafficking victim”, “refugee”, “migrant” – highlights our need to distinguish between those who deserve protection and those who don’t…the continued use of the idea of slavery to invoke an emotive response…promotes overly simplistic solutions – such as awareness raising campaigns…Men, women and children took to the streets of Newcastle to make a stand against human trafficking.His younger brother was present, and incidentally, so was the brother’s friend.The brother thought this friend was 19 years old, but he turned out to be just 17.But that’s what editors (and, by extension, their readership) sees in their mind when they hear the word “hacker.” By and large, we are seen as scary, malicious, and out to cause mayhem.

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David Turkos…accepted a plea agreement in June on misdemeanor charges…His two victims came forward as teenagers and told police that Turkos began sexually abusing them in 2001, when they were 6 and 4 years old…Turkos threatened to hurt their mother and pets or take away their toys if they revealed the abuse.Though the sex trafficking hysteria is dying, moral panics get worse as they collapse, and even after the panic is history the tyrannical laws it engendered will still be there for “authorities” to destroy lives with, just as the 20-century criminalization laws lasted for decades after the demise of the “white slavery” hysteria which spawned them.If you have an internet platform or the freedom to speak on the subject, you might take a look at this list of suggestions for arguments you can make; you won’t get to say any of that out to a politician’s secretary, but swaying members of the general public is important, too.He lays out the offer in a full-page ad in the Sunday edition of …sex experts say vibrators–no matter how technologically advanced they become—will never surpass human intercourse.What’s more, they say any addiction to automated sex is downright impossible. Kat Van Kirk…says…”A true addiction would mean the behavior would negatively affect the person’s day-to-day life…and using it to the exclusion of intimate live partner play.” She says there’s “absolutely no research” to indicate vibrators’ addictive properties…Nicolette Heidegger…said that her clients often raise the question—a result of our collective 21st century fear that sex dolls…could one day replace actual intimacy…between humans…But “the fact of the matter is that there is no empirical data to support the claim that you can become physiologically or biologically addicted to a sex toy”…Forced into sex with large groups of strangers, stripped of their freedom and ferried from house to house by their controlling pimps, the story of how a group of vulnerable young women were turned into modern day slaves is brutal and uncompromising…thanks to the efforts of Greater Manchester Police officers the women were eventually freed and the gang who had trafficked them jailed…Why had these women – alone, afraid and forced into degrading and unsafe sex…never tried to escape their pimps?

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