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Nick has been Sharon’s hero from day one – The Young and the Restless fans know he sees her as someone he needs to save and someone that complements him.She makes him feel needed and loved, and he was always the main focal point for Sharon in their lives, even when they were in college.Chloe remarks that they are going on their third date, and things must be pretty serious.Chloe then proceeds to give Nick a recount of Chelsea’s history of depression and darker times, telling him that Chelsea was in a black hole and is finally coming out of it.While Chelsea has a checkered past, she is a bland choice for Nick.The Young and the Restless spoilers claim that they have nothing in common other than loss.

Their chemistry as a couple is lukewarm at best, and it seems as though Nick is going through the motions to progress the relationship.

When Nick finds out the truth, he will question any mild feelings he ever felt for Chelsea.

It will also cause a rupture in his relationship with his father.

Y&R fans ask if Nick is passionate about Chelsea, or is she just a placeholder in Nick’s life while he tries to convince himself that he is moving on?

Whenever Sharon (played by Sharon Case) appears, Nick looks longingly at Sharon, fondly teasing and almost flirting with her, even when they are talking about how to handle issues with their daughter Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind).

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