Attitudes toward interracial dating scale

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Severe acts of racism and discrimination—pogroms, massacres, mass expulsions and near-genocidal policies—were perpetrated against the Chinese, but the facts surrounding this Chinese chapter in American history are largely neglected or suppressed, and certainly not taught in standard school text books.

Official mentions of the topic, if any, are anemic at best and tend to emphasize the concessions granted to the Chinese or the few reparative steps taken by the US government, which, as a rule, came as too-little-too-late for many Chinese Americans.

While Asian men do not generally seek Asian women, the statistics on response rates also reveal that Asian women most strongly favor advances from white men.

However, the discrepancy with Asian-male-Asian-female marriage statistics below is one of several indicators that Asian men generally partner with Asian women due to a lack of acceptance by other ethnicities.

Yet, when civil rights finally gained a foothold for African Americans and a new tide of racial-sensibilities began to be the default, they would come much later for the Chinese: Squinty Asian chink-eye jokes are considered harmless fun by many people.

Asians currently constitute nearly 5% of the US population—one out of every twenty US citizens is of Asian descent, many of whom are fully acculturated Americans.of state legislatures to restrict alien rights to property, meaning that although most of these restrictions have been repealed, they can be reinstituted at any time. 11, 2001, these issues are being revisited primarily by the federal government rather than individual states.American textbooks continue to list WWII casualties at 40 million killed, completely sidelining the roles and sacrifices of Asians.Does their belonging to a minority group explain everything?What conclusions could be drawn from events in the timeline below?

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