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It is easy to trick customers occasionally, and easy to think up new ways of doing so, but it isn’t clever. The practice of trying to trick customers to spend over the odds destroys trust and customer loyalty.When another supplier arrives that doesn’t abuse the customer in the same way, people vote with their feet, as we are now seeing.I don’t need to list all the tricks here, you know them all too well, so just a few headline ones – reducing sizes while keeping the price the same, fake 50% off offers by charging double for a period, selling larger boxes at higher price per unit weight and so on.These are all technically legal, but any idiot can do that, and only an idiot would.

Add to that rubbish customer service that seeks to defend the store against refunds and just argues that the customer is in the wrong and it’s a sure recipe for failure.

That the marketing says so but the reality is the opposite is a key clue to finding out where the problems really are. They don’t want to get bread cheap and pay double for fruit and veg to make up the profits. Profit isn’t a dirty word and customers don’t expect shops to be charities. More bricks are needed on top of course, but that will come down to company flair.

All the areas where customers are seen as the enemy need to be eradicated from corporate thinking. Tesco is huge and has enough market clout to get excellent special buys on occasion. It can add value in a myriad ways without adding to cost.

Tesco blames the discount supermarkets, but although that is an easy excuse and some of the other chains are also suffering, it is too simplistic an analysis and merely distracts attention from Tesco’s own blame for the profit drop.

The reason some others are suffering too is that similar problems also apply to them, the big chains copy each other a great deal.

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